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Colombia’s Carbon Tax Takes Off

Business Group and Communities of the Colombian Pacific, Represented by Fondo Acción, Sign Contract for the Purchase of Carbon Certificates

Agreement Reflects Commitment of Ethnic Communities, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Private Companies Towards Conservation, Climate Change Mitigation, Sustainable Development and Peace-Building

Today, the Prodeco Group took this opportunity and signed its first purchase-sale contract of carbon certificates from nine REDD + community projects in the Colombian Pacific, all of them represented by Fondo Acción, which is consolidated as an umbrella organization for the development of community

REDD + projects in Colombia

This agreement will benefit more than 10,000 families through sustainable, productive alternatives and green jobs, allowing the conservation of the fragile and highly biodiverse forests of this region.

Colombia is a pioneer in the world for the creation of a set of taxes and tax benefits that allow the country to meet its environmental goals, ensure the protection of forests and contribute to the development of rural communities.

The new carbon neutrality regulations represent a great opportunity for the forests of Colombia, allowing the country to meet its environmental goals, ensure the protection of ecosystems and contribute to the development of rural communities. As part of its sustainability strategy, Prodeco is exploring, with USAID, Conservation International and others, the possibility of going beyond the Pacific region to structure and develop projects of this type.

Conservation International planned and led all contact between Prodeco and Fondo Acción in this effort.

“Fondo Acción has been our ally for many years now, Prodeco is our new ally. The project was formulated with the support of USAID. As soon as the carbon tax started, and the carbon neutrality opportunity came out, we set out to search among our allies for the BioREDD Pacífico project (one of the few that were ready) and it piqued Prodeco’s interest,” said Fabio Arjona, Director of Conservation International-Colombia.

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