• On the Wings of Robots: The Ups and Downs of Using UAVs for Conservation

  • On Wednesday April 2nd 2014, ABCG convened a meeting, hosted at the World Wildlife Fund, U.S., on the rapidly expanding technology of unmanned aerial monitoring, data gathering, and other aspects in biodiversity conservation. With a diverse panel of seven experienced…
  • abcg | April 17, 2014
  • Conserving a Species, while Caring about Individuals

  • Jane Goodall’s philosophy of ‘Every Individual Matters’ has been a core foundation for our Africa Programs at the Jane Goodall Institute.  In each country we work in, we consider the plight of individual chimpanzees, along with that of communities and…
  • abcg | April 3, 2014
  • Saving Great Apes: Measuring Success in Changing Attitudes & Behaviors

  • Filmmaker and INCEF Founder Cynthia Moses discussed how the project reached audiences with 80 to 90 percent illiteracy to change behaviors, measure retained increase of knowledge and changes in attitudes over time and gathering indications of behavioral change. Cynthia Moses…
  • abcg | March 26, 2014
Estelle Raballand, CCC
HIV/AIDS Training Workshop Speaker
Women stove making training
  • Developing Solutions for Conflicting Land and Natural Resource Use in Africa

  • ABCG Goes to the ICCB 2013 Symposia, Wednesday 24th July ABCG joined scientists from around the world to share recent work in conservation research, practice and recommendations in the historic venue of Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. Our symposium  showcased the work of ABCG…
  • abcg | September 24, 2013