Advancing an Integrated Vision that Incorporates Health Outcomes into Biodiversity Conservation

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On August 16, 2017, members of ABCG’s thematic working group on Global Health Linkages to Biodiversity Conservation: Population, Health and Environment (PHE)  delivered a presentation titled, .

Working group members presented an analysis of existing integrated PHE approaches through a comprehensive literature review, and their achievements and lessons learned thus far from pilot studies in Southeastern Cameroon and Western Tanzania. Activities explored the synergy between human health and biodiversity conservation, by combining actions to reduce deforestation, improve food and nutrition security and conserve watersheds.

The Global Health Linkages to Biodiversity Conservation: PHE working group provides methodological guidance to advance a vision that incorporates health outcomes into biodiversity conservation and sustainable development by employing PHE guidelines to identify and develop synergies between critical ecosystem services, and human health and well-being.

Event Resources

Click below to watch the Webinar recording from the event.

Click here to view the presentation slides.

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