BREATHE Podcast Episode 7: Building Bridges Between Humans and Wildlife

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Join us for the captivating episode of BREATHE as we embark on a journey to unravel one of the most pressing challenges of our era – how to harmoniously share our planet with its diverse wildlife inhabitants. In a world where urbanization continues to expand and natural habitats dwindle, the dynamic interplay between human communities and the animal kingdom has grown increasingly intricate.

In this episode, we plunge into the narratives of communities, researchers, and conservationists who stand at the forefront of pioneering solutions that foster a harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife. From ingenious strategies that mitigate conflicts to initiatives that ingeniously blend ancient wisdom with cutting-edge technology, our conversations illuminate the fragile balance we must tirelessly strive to attain.

Our guests include Ken Mwathe, the Policy and Communications Coordinator at Birdlife Africa, a seasoned policy expert with over two decades of experience in Environmental Policy, Biodiversity Conservation, and Climate Change. Ken shares his profound insights into cultivating peaceful human-wildlife coexistence, particularly with regard to avian species. Additionally, we’re honored to host Steve Ogutu, the Executive Director at Movement for Community-Led Development Kenya [MCLD Kenya], who sheds light on the pivotal role that communities play in preserving our precious environment.

Prepare to be inspired by the transformative potential of empathy, understanding, and collaboration as we uncover pathways to shape a world where humans and wildlife not only coexist, but flourish together. Tune in for an episode that reimagines our relationship with the natural world and envisions a future of shared prosperity.

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