BREATHE Podcast Episode: Science Cafe: Unveiling Africa’s Biodiversity Story through Media and Science

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Join us on a captivating journey into the world of science communication as we convene media professionals and conservation practitioners at the lively Science Cafe. Our focus is the pivotal role of media in portraying the rich tapestry of African biodiversity. In this episode, we bridge the realms of journalism and scientific research, uncovering their symbiotic relationship in raising awareness about Africa’s incredible biodiversity.

Featuring conservation experts, we delve into topics like energy infrastructure’s impact on ecosystems and the importance of collaborations in biodiversity conservation. From the journalist’s perspective, award-winning environmental journalist Wanjohi Kabukuru illuminates how stories of change intersect with the ecological effects of infrastructure. Discover how this partnership between practitioners and journalists can catalyze positive change, preserving ecosystems, wildlife, and biodiversity for future generations.

Prepare for a dynamic conversation showcasing how storytelling, both traditional and digital, can kindle passion, comprehension, and action in safeguarding Africa’s natural wonders. Embark with us on this enlightening journey through the lens of media and science into the world of African biodiversity.

Listen to this episode on Spotify: Science Cafe