Conservation without Local People is No Longer an Option: Integrated Approaches in Democratic Republic of Congo

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20160913 WWF DRC panel brown bag
Roy Buhendwa, Léonard Mubalama, Marco Lambertini, WWF Director General, Laurent Nsenga 

In order to ensure the integrity of protected areas, civil society and public institutions all levels must collaborate in developing and implementing conservation policies. On September 13, 2016, ABCG hosted field staff from World Wildlife Fund’s office in Democratic Republic of Congo to share how WWF-DRC is developing a conservation strategy based on a long-term vision of its role in harmony with national conservation policies.  

Featured Speakers:

Roy Buhendwa Landscape Leader, Virunga
Roy is a WWF DRC old-timer, having worked for the organization in a “previous life” in the late 80s to mid-90s. He has been back with WWF since 2007, working in the Province of North Kivu, in the Virunga Landscape, focusing on community-based conservation and natural resource management. Roy is an agricultural engineer with special training in agroforestry, environmental education and rural development.

Leonard MubalamaProject Leader, Itombwe
After a career at the Congolese Agency for Nature Conservation covering several protected areas in the country, Léonard has worked with WWF in DCR since 2010. He currently focuses on the management of the Itombwe Natural Reserve. He holds a BS degree in geography and natural sciences, a master’s degree in conservation biology and a PhD in geography and geomatics.

Laurent Nsenga, Project Leader, Lac Tumba
Laurent has worked with WWF in the DRC since 2004. Prior to joining, Laurent spent several years with the Congolese government and international cooperation agencies. He currently focuses protected areas and community-based natural resource management. Laurent is an agricultural engineer by training and holds a Master’s degree in forest management.
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