The Kafue Ecosystem in western Zambia is a 16.7 million acre complex of intact woodland and seasonally flooded grasslands that derives its name from the Kafue River. It faces increasing threats from misguided human activity. Government resources for managing these threats in the Kafue ecosystem are limited. Patricia Mupeta-Muyamwa, The Nature Conservancy’s (TNC) Zambia community conservation program officer gave an overview of TNC’s is engagement with the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA), the community in the Mulobezi Game Management Area (GMA), and others to help address these threats and develop sustainable and effective mechanisms which can be replicated elsewhere in Zambia. Ms. Mupeta-Muyamwa outlined strategies in KNP include helping ZAWA rehabilitate Park infrastructure; training, equipping and deploying game scouts; improving fire management and monitoring of wildlife populations; and facilitating tourism investment. She discussed TNC’s new participatory approach to CBNRM in Mulobezi GMA.