In this first year of activities for the SMART Law Enforcement project, and through both direct and leveraged support of ABCG, WCS, WWF, JGI and AWF have 1) launched the first public version of SMART 1.0, together with two subsequent releases that address feedback from early field testing; 2) localized SMART Release 1 software into both French and English; 3) provided updated training materials in both French and English language for SMART Release 1; 3) conducted the first regional technical training workshops in both Francophone (Central) and Anglophone (East) Africa, training 45 high-level SMART trainers from a total of 13 different countries on the continent; 4) directly supported field testing in a total of five SMART demonstration sites across Africa, and through partners and leveraged funds, enabled uptake and testing of SMART in a further 15 demonstration sites in Africa across 12 countries; and 5) engaged and leveraged national-level government interest by relevant government agencies in SMART as a standard protected-area monitoring and adaptive management tool in three countries in Africa (Gabon, Tanzania and Uganda).