The efforts of conservation organizations are crucial in preserving fragile environments and animal species in Africa. Increasingly these environments are coming under pressure from rising populations and human activity and conservation programs must consider both the needs of the ecosystems and the human population. In areas of ecological importance energy services are crucial as communities need to rely less on natural resources such as firewood to lower pressure on depleting forest resources.

This presentation covered the key finding from work carried out by GVEP international for AWF and JGI, under ABCG, which reviewed clean energy technologies used by households in the conservation landscapes of Kenya and Tanzania. This review, conducted during 2012, includes details on energy technology suppliers in Kenya and Tanzania as well as insights from other stakeholder activities in household energy. It also documents findings from surveys conducted at AWF’s site in Imbirikani, Kenya and JGI’s site in Kigoma Tanzania which will be summarized during the presentation.