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From Awareness to Action: Sharing Lessons Learned for African Conservation

From Awareness to Action: Sharing Lessons Learned for African Conservation, a report to the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund prepared by the Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group.

Key Questions and Findings: 

“What are the most effective methods of communication and networking to influence conservation outcomes for non-governmental organizations and African partners?”  “How do we promote awareness on key conservation challenges that result in conservation capacity building and action?”

U.S.-initiated projects that articulate conservation linkages and identify key messages and lessons on emerging and high priority issues can more effectively build capacity of field-based partners in Africa (in terms of learning, behavior change, and organizational change) when they develop and implement a focused, effective multi-tiered communications strategy that takes into account different levels of target audiences and identifies the most useful means of communications that considers timing, outreach, and cost.

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