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Based on a recent study by the Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group, impacts of the HIV/AIDS pandemic on natural resource management (NRM) result from two main causes: 1) loss of human capacity for conservation; and 2) changes in the use of land and natural resources. Examples are presented of impacts to conservation capacity, loss of traditional knowledge, diversion of conservation funds, overuse of natural resources, as well as changes in access to land. Possible actions by the NRM community include raising HIV/AIDS awareness, developing HIV/AIDS institutional policies, modifying training to train more conservation personnel, working with partners from the health sector to increase the understanding of HIV/AIDS impacts on biodiversity, developing best practices to mitigate impacts to plants and wildlife, and studying long-term changes to land use.

Value to the Community Powerpoint presentation by the Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group describing the linkages between HIV/AIDS and Natural Resource Management