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ABCG members, African Wildlife Foundation, Jane Goodall Institute and the Wildlife Conservation Society worked together to develop and trial a decision framework that allows planners to integrate the objectives of climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation, biodiversity conservation, and economic development into landscape level planning. The objective was to help identify and prioritize areas that will achieve both conservation and mitigation gains, to maximize return on limited conservation and REDD+ resources, while also minimizing the opportunity cost of conservation. The project is predicated on the notion that by getting the right stakeholders in the room and then providing them with better access to data and a methodology to integrate that data into the decision making process, more informed decisions can be made about future land-use in each the landscapes.

The aim of this report is to provide a summary of the two-day meeting. The meeting was well attended with members of USAID, Birdlife, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS), Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI), Tanzania Ministry of Energy and Minerals, School of Field Studies, and the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI).