TNC collaborated with JGI and Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS) to launch a GME Steering Committee, which will among others coordinate the development of an Integrated Management Plan for the GME and advance conservation of priority areas within the GME. The Steering committee which, comprises of technical staff from Kigoma and Mpanda District Councils was officially launched on 22 August 2013 in Mpanda District Town. The launch event was attended by Key local and national level stakeholders including the Director of Tanzania National Park, Director of Wildlife Division, Director of Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute and Regional and District commissioners for Kigoma and Katavi regions. All these stakeholders were impressed by the mission of the committee and requested a revision of the terms of reference for the committee so that they can also be included in one way or the other and therefore be able to provide technical and financial resources where necessary so as to enable the GME Steering Committee achieve its intended goal and objectives.