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The Tri-National Sangha landscape, including the three contiguous National Parks of Lobeke (2,100 km) in Cameroon, Dzanga-Ndoki (1,220 km) in the Central Africa Republic and Nouabale-Ndoki (4,000 km) in Congo, is seriously threatened.

The TNS region is one of the most important conservation areas in Central Africa and is home to large populations of Central African mega fauna including forest elephants, lowland gorillas, chimpanzees and bongo, among others. Besides protecting forests rich in biodiversity, the TNS provides a wide range of ecosystems services to local and indigenous communities, and the global community through carbon storage.

TNS is increasingly threatened by wildlife criminals who are creating a climate of insecurity in the region. The situation was aggravated by the change in government and subsequent crisis since March 23rd 2013.Timothee Fomete

Against these threats, The TNS Foundation and its partners including WWF and WCS are trying to strengthen the trans-boundary cooperation process and lobby for increased filed staff for surveillance and anti-poaching operations as well as general park management in the three components of the TNS.

TNS Foundation encourages the three governments, the conservation NGOS and the donor community to strengthen their collaboration. It appears today that only a collective response with support of the international community will help stop the pillage of natural resources in the Congo Basin.

~ Dr. TimotheFomt

Watch the screencast accompanying the attached slides here.