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A review of Zimbabwe’s land tenure situation and policies; and model development for land management community partnerships, including strategic land targets.
AWF completed a work plan for assessing land tenure, status of conservation areas, and development of indigenization models in Zimbabwe. After identifying two pilot sites for review (one protected area and one private conservancy), AWF conducted an assessment of the communities around Hwange National Park (HNP) to determine perceptions about the National Park, status of CAMPFIRE and potential for indigenization in lodges in and around HNP. AWF conducted a comprehensive review of relevant policies in Zimbabwe. AWF conducted a site visit to 2 conservancies and a national park to assess implications of Zimbabwe resettlement program and new land tenure laws. In addition, AWF met with private investors and developed a model for achieving Zimbabwe’s Indigenisation target of 51%. These findings were compiled in a report that was sent to the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, which AWF will meet with in Harare in October 2011 to share findings and models for indigenization, trust development and protected area revenue assessment.