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The African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) was invited by the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWMA) to conduct an assessment of its present commercial revenue model, with the aim of optimising revenue generation in support of Zimbabwe’s conservation estate and to enable ZPWMA to be financially sustainable.
AWF has worked with protected area authorities across Africa to help plan, develop, expand and enhance protected areas, improve management of protected areas and to create new protected areas. AWF was requested to help ZPWMA to review their structure; assess operational needs and costs; evaluate revenue; and determine how the authority can revise its structure and/or strategy to maximize revenue to support protected area operations.
ZPWMA has been challenged by Zimbabwe’s economic decline over the past decade and wider global economic challenges. These dynamics have led to a decline in tourism in Zimbabwe, resulting in a revenue deficit for ZPWMA. In addition, Zimbabwe’s unstable investment market has also led to a decline in tourism and wildlife based investment.
AWF has reviewed ZPWMA’s strategy and operations by means of seven in-person meetings with ZPWMA team members in Harare and extensive desk-based research and review of information provided by ZPWMA. AWF has also analysed third party engagement models and has developed guidelines for conducting tourism operator tender processes and for structuring legal agreements with tourism operators in ZPWMA protected areas.