ABCG at ICCB 2023 Newsletter Highlights

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At the 2023 Society for Conservation Biology Conference in Kigali, we had many transformative discussions and a great opportunity to learn about all of the amazing biodiversity conservation work being done around the world.

The conference served as a platform for ABCG to discuss its conservation approaches and works in Sub-Sahara Africa. We delivered two thematic oral talks, the first on, Assessing Community Responses to Climate Change and Impacts on Biodiversity and the second on, Engaging Stakeholders to Develop and Mainstream Land Use Planning in Africa.

ABCG and the Society for Conservation Biology, Africa Section held the second diaspora symposium at the congress. The symposium aimed to create a forum that will facilitate collaborative science, practices, and policy in Africa. The diaspora discussions were inspired by an ABCG white paper report, that was published in 2012 and continues to be relevant today.

Rubina James, ABCG Director, delivered plenary remarks emphasizing our collective responsibility today and tomorrow to ensure that science, facts, and pragmatism anchor global biodiversity aspirations, advocacy, and contributions to the global vision of a world living in harmony with nature.

ABCG also signed an MOU with the Society for Conservation Biology in Africa, that signifies the two organizations’ commitment to jointly tackle conservation challenges.

ICCB 2023 Newsletter Edition.