The Northern Rangelands Trust Community-Conservancy Model: Sustainable Agriculture & Conservation

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The Northern Rangelands Trust (NRT) is an umbrella organisation that aims to establish resilient community conservancies that transform lives, secure peace, and conserve natural resources in northern Kenya. There are now 33 NRT-member community conservancies, covering 4.4 million hectares of arid rangelands and coastal ecosystems across 11 counties, with a membership of over 550,000 people.  NRT is now widely seen as a model of how to support community conservancies, and its success has helped shape new government regulations on establishing, registering and managing community conservancies in Kenya. NRT’s initiatives include the Livestock to Markets programme, a unique value-chain that brings markets closer to pastoralists who manage their grazing well, and the Rangelands Programme, that is building on traditional pastoralist practices with new approaches to planned grazing (bunching, rotation and recovery) and the institutions that govern this in order to improve rangeland productivity and bring peace and stability in the face of increasing climate stress.

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