WCS Anti-Wildlife Trafficking Efforts with Partners in East Africa and Globally: An Overview of the problem and what works against it

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This presentation by Dr. Tim Wittig is an overview and discussion of the problem of wildlife trafficking in East Africa and internationally and the efforts the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and its partners are taking to address it. 

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Currently, ABCG’s Emerging Issues Task has awarded a small grant for a joint WCS-WWF short-term project to devise a scalable approach to engaging Chinese overseas enterprises to mitigate impacts of wildlife trafficking in Africa.

Featured Speaker

Dr. Tim Wittig is Senior Wildlife Trafficking Analyst for WCS.  Prior to joining WCS, Dr. Wittig was a university academic, holding research and faculty positions at Johns Hopkins University, U.S. National Defense University, the University of Amsterdam, and the University of St Andrews in Scotland, where he also received his doctorate. He is the author of numerous publications, including the book ‘Understanding Terrorist Finance,’ a standard academic text in the field.

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