Identifying and prioritizing emerging and high-priority conservation issues in Africa. Fostering and strengthening collaboration among conservation and development actors to jointly tackle biodiversity issues. Enhancing technical and information exchange.

Our Latest News

  • Lessons from Africa to the Navajo Nation on Freshwater Resources Management

  • I come from the Diné (Navajo) people and live on the Navajo reservation. In my culture, we have a deep respect for water because all life needs water to exist. We also value water because there is so little on the Navajo reservation. The Navajo Nation is in the southwestern part of the US, bordering Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, and Colorado.
  • Hanson Mike | July 15, 2021
  • ABCG Initiates Five Community Based Adaptation Projects in Zimbabwe to Empower Communities to Adapt to Climate Change

  • The uncertainty that is caused by climate change has resulted in disruption of lives and livelihoods of many communities. Among the worst affected communities are communities whose livelihood is dependent in livestock, agriculture and fisheries. Farmers living near Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe’s Matabeleland North province whose livelihood is mainly dependent on crop production and livestock keeping are experiencing insufficient water and an increase in prevalence of pests.
  • abcg | June 16, 2021

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Latest News from our Partners

Study: Warming Waters Threaten Tuna-Dependent Economies in the Pacific
July 29, 2021
Climate change is driving tuna farther east, threatening the economic security of several small island…
Global Tiger Day Marks Uneven Progress Towards the Global Goal to Double Wild Tigers by 2022
July 29, 2021
Hong Kong — Wild tiger numbers are declining in all tiger range countries in mainland…
New Nature Comment: To advance equitable and effective conservation, OECMs should be a key policy tool in new global biodiversity agreement
July 28, 2021
OECMs are different from protected areas because they recognize managed areas that sustain biodiversity even…
JGI Partners with MediaValet to Preserve & Share Jane’s Legacy
July 27, 2021
Dr. Jane Goodall has always wanted to share stories about the natural world. As a…

Our Annual Reports

Publication Date: September 30, 2009
Author: Nancy Gelman, Natalie Bailey, ABCG, Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group
SUBMITTED BY WORLD WILDLIFE FUND ON BEHALF OF THE ABCG MEMBER ORGANIZATIONS ABCG’s second year activities built upon the efforts of BATS carried out by the USDA Forest Service International…
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Publication Date: December 30, 2008
Author: ABCG, Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group, World Wildlife Fund
Footer title: ABCG BATS FY08 annual reportProject title: Biodiversity analysis and technical support (BATS)
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Publication Date: August 15, 2008
Author: John Waugh, IUCN, ABCG, Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group
TITLE: IUCN USA Multilateral Office Final Technical Report to Project: Task A: 25 year Biodiversity Assessment and Path Forward – Dar es Salaam Validation Workshop Biodiversity Analysis and Technical Support…
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Current Issues

Historically the conservation field has primarily functioned by combatting conservation issues as they arise, thus being a reactive discipline. However,…
Climate change has direct impacts on ecosystems and biodiversity but may also indirectly impact nature through human adaptation responses. A…
There are strong linkages between biodiversity conservation and human health, the health of domestic animals, wildlife health, and ecosystem health.…
Across Africa, women play critical land and natural resource management roles. However, these roles are typically unrecognized or undervalued. Minorities…
Building on previous work done under the Land Rights Tenure Rights thematic area, the Community Based Forestry Management (CBFM) approach…
ABCG is reducing watershed degradation and improving the health of freshwater ecosystems through linking freshwater conservation and water, sanitation, and…

Our Mission

ABCG’s overarching mission is to advance understanding of critical biodiversity conservation challenges and their solutions in sub-Saharan Africa. We aspire to produce applicable knowledge and put it into practice.  

Our Approach

By accessing the wide-ranging expertise of our members and their extensive networks throughout sub-Saharan Africa, ABCG is in a unique position to address critical conservation issues by developing, testing, and promoting innovative conservation approaches.