Assessing Community Responses to Climate Change and Possible Impacts to Biodiversity

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Human response survey by TNC, Makame, Tanzania

The Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group (a United States Agency for International Development funded initiative) will be holding a workshop on: on August 14-16, 2018, in Nairobi, Kenya.

Over the past 3 years this collaboration between 7 of the largest conservation NGO’s in Africa has explored how human communities are being impacted by changes in climate, how they are responding, and how their responses impact biodiversity. ABCG members and partners conducted over 600 interviews across 21 different sites in sub-Saharan Africa with communities engaged in farming, fishing and pastoralism.

At this workshop ABCG’s Managing Global Change Impacts Working Group will present their key findings, including an analysis of the survey data collected, historic climate analyses for the various sites, and projections of how and where communities might respond in the future, and discuss impediments to adaptation of effective strategies. The results and discussions will provide guidance to governments, NGO’s and the communities themselves to develop climate change coping strategies in future conservation and land-use planning efforts.

The latter part of the workshop will include a discussion of the future direction of this work, how to incorporate these findings into workplans? which new partners to engage with?.

See event page for more information including the workshop agenda>

For more information please contact Evelyn Namvua, ABCG Communications and Engagement Officer at: enamvua@abcg (dot) org .

Photo caption: Human response survey by TNC, Makame, Tanzania. Photo Credit: Roshni Lodhia

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