Community-Based Forest Management

Building on previous work done under the Land Rights Tenure Rights thematic area, the Community Based Forestry Management (CBFM) approach focuses on promoting and understanding best practices in the implementation of CBFM projects in the Democratic Republic of Congo for improved conservation outcomes. ABCG is working to initiate a Community of Practice of CBFM stakeholders, where organizations can convene at local, provincial and national scales to share experiences, best practices and develop common standards for program design and implementation. The second approach focuses on the better understanding of the impacts of CBFM on forest cover. To achieve this, we are conducting research on the environmental (principally the forest cover change) outcomes of CBFM in several African countries.


Exploring Cross-Sector Linkages between Population, Health, Environment, Nutrition and Food Security. A Review Of Best Practices and Lessons Learned.

Developing Synergies at the Intersection of Human Health and Biodiversity Conservation: Lessons Learned from an Integrated Population, Health, and Environment Approach in Cameroon and Tanzania.
Advancing an Integrated Vision that Incorporates Health Outcomes into Biodiversity Conservation.

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