Documenting human responses to changes in weather and climate in Africa

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The ABCG Climate Change Adaptation Task Team (comprising staff from Conservation InternationalThe Nature Conservancy,Wildlife Conservation Society and World Wildlife Fund) presented its findings from qualitative research undertaken through interviews and focus groups in selected African communities in which ABCG Group members work.  

Far removed from decision-making bodies and financial resources, rural communities in Africa and elsewhere are often left to their own devices to cope with and adapt to change. What can we learn from these communities? Can successful responses serve as models for others? Are unplanned responses leading to maladaption? How are responses, successful or otherwise, affecting wildlife and ecosystems? Because coping and autonomous responses go largely undocumented, we miss important opportunities to learn from the experiences of these communities and integrate learning into conservation planning efforts. This pilot ABCG project has begun to investigate this gap in our understanding.

Event Resources: 

Find the comprehensive report entitled ABCG Project Documenting Human Responses to Changes in Weather and Climate in Africa here.

Download the presentation slides here.

Watch the webinar via this link.

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