Making Good Things Big: Global Scaling Up of Fish Forever, a Pathway to Sustained Incomes for Artisanal Fishers

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Rare, in partnership with the Environmental Defense Fund and the University of California, Santa Barbara, is implementing its first global initiative: Fish Forever. The Fish Forever partnership aims to catalyze a global movement of near-shore fisheries reform in the developing tropics to ensure profitable and sustainable fisheries, while boosting livelihoods, protecting habitats, and enhancing coastal resilience. The aspiration is to motivate communities, and then nations, to adopt management systems of territorial user rights for fisheries combined with no-fishing zones (known as TURF + reserves) in five countries—Belize, Brazil, Indonesia, Mozambique, and the Philippines—by 2022. As of mid-2015, Fish Forever is being implemented in more than 40 sites around the world.

To help realize this ambition, Rare contracted Management Systems International (MSI), an international firm at the forefront of scaling successful development programs and innovative initiatives for more than a decade. MSI developed what have become some of the most widely used methodologies for scaling up—Scaling Up: From Vision to Large-Scale Change, and the Scaling-Up Toolkit—based on 10 years of learning from field experience. MSI and Rare developed a set of program proof points to validate the Fish Forever model and to rigorously test implementation modalities affecting the program’s ability to be widely scaled. MSI’s work with Rare confirmed the importance of considering scale from the program’s start, rather than trying to retrofit a proven product for scale later on.

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