News and Events Resources Roundup

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Zebras in Amboseli by Jordi Fernandez unsplashOur July News Digest is a roundup of news and events in the past quarter (April, May, June). Featured in the digest are ABCG’s successes in conserving nature and improving the wellbeing of communitiy members, during the period 2015-2018 through the collective efforts of our members and partners. In the same vein of successes stories, we also highlight another conservation milestone from one of Africa’s largest wildlife preserve, Niassa reserve, that marked a year without a single elephant found killed by poachers! 

This roundup also includes recorded webinars of the talks that we hosted in the last quarter on topics such as: Family Planning and its Relevance to Conservation, Strategies for Ensuring Wildlife and Communities Co-existence, How Experts are Reversing the Rhino Population Decline in Serengeti, and The Charisma of Cranes in Promoting Environment Management and Sustainable Livelihood. The talks were given by experts from different conservation organizations.

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