Saving Great Apes: Measuring Success in Changing Attitudes & Behaviors

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Filmmaker and INCEF Founder Cynthia Moses discussed how the project reached audiences with 80 to 90 percent illiteracy to change behaviors, measure retained increase of knowledge and changes in attitudes over time and gathering indications of behavioral change.

Cynthia Moses is an award winning Wildlife Filmmaker.  Her work in Africa and around the world motivated her to become more involved in creating communication tools for low resource populations. As founder of the International Conservation and Education Fund (INCEF) for the past 10 years, she has overseen a mission to integrate conservation and health and development issues through grassroots video centered outreach education. Her goal was to place a premium on the importance of communications that would be appropriate for the most remote and marginalized audiences in on behalf of broad ecosystem preservation including improved health, education, gender equality, economic growth and more. INCEF’s specific methodology has developed and institutionalized a media production and dissemination capability within the partnering NGOs’ education and advocacy programs.

Its completed projects have yielded more than 80 films, all of which comply with the organizations principles of local control and execution.  These have been viewed by 10’s of thousands of low resource village dwellers through community level screenings including intense and unprecedented group discussions of problems based on shared experience under the supervision of trained outreach educator.
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