BREATHE Podcast Episode 2: Dreams from our Fathers

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Indigenous knowledge is key to help humanity adapt and mitigate to climate change. This episode explores the connection between indigenous knowledge and solutions to climate change.

In this episode, we travel to Isiolo County in the upper part of eastern Kenya, where we talk with elders from the region. The elders talk of how their forefathers used to manage the dry season, and emphasize the need to return to old methods to survive the drought and other extreme weather events. From the discussions, it’s evident that communities are in touch with their land and have a clear perception of how things have changed. They possess invaluable knowledge and know-how on how to deal with climate change. Indigenous communities must have a say in how to tackle climate change.

Can we harness this understanding of our surroundings passed on from generation and use this knowledge to solve the urgent problems brought about by climate change? This is Dreams from Our Fathers.

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