BREATHE Podcast Episode 3: ChangeMakers

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This episode of BREATHE speaks to Africa’s largest age group-the youth. We try to find out the role they have in protecting the broken earth that they will inherit from their parents. Do they think they have what it takes to offer solutions where a majority of those who came before them failed? Do the youth of Africa have the strength to carry the burden of restoring the earth to factory settings?

We are joined by three conservation enthusiasts working with the youths in Africa and they explain to us how intergenerational knowledge transfer is the key to saving our planet from perishing and that the youths are the best group to work with to restore biodiversity.

 This is a story of Africa’s youth and their quest to change the world. Listen here to the full episode.

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BREATHE is a podcast series looking to have illuminating discussions around conservation by highlighting the work of individuals and organizations across Africa who are changing the planet for the better one day at a time.